Residential/Commercial Real Estate

We represent clients who are interested in leasing, developing, buying, selling, or refinancing residential or commercial properties throughout Central and Northern New Jersey. This work includes skillfully handling complex negotiations, the careful drafting and thorough review of each and every document, and also the efficient, economical, and effective handling of matters such as peal-property land purchases or sales, construction contracts, title examinations, chain of title, quiet title actions and encroachments. 

Corporate/Business Law

Since 2002 we have provided effective legal representation to private, non-publicly traded businesses. In addition, we have the experience to help these small businesses and larger corporations comply with New Jersey state regulations involving the corporate and legal structures as required by law. We offer skillful legal guidance in matters of Corporate/Business Law and choice of entity (Partnerships, Limited Liability Company (LLCs), and others); Directors’ and officers’ liability; Reorganization; Dissolution; Filing annual reports; Contract preparation; Litigation and contract disputes; Handling collections; Joint ventures; and Business succession planning. 


Our firm can recommend a course of action that is best for you under any of the following circumstances. If you believe your mortgage lender has acted unfairly, you may wish to challenge your lender and defend yourself against foreclosure. Or you may want to persuade your lender to let you sell your house in a "short sale," at whatever the market will offer and count the debt as paid in full. With an aggressive and insightful lawyer on your side, you can determine which option is most advantageous and put it in motion. We often uncover an irregularity or flaw in your mortgage that may provide fresh ammunition in the fight against foreclosure. Our firm is prepared to take the time and care necessary to hear your concerns and let you know how we can help.


Owners of existing homes will often seek new financing to replace their mortgage financing for purposes of obtaining a lower interest rate, obtaining cash equity out of their home or lowering their monthly payment. Refinancing can be a great financial move if it reduces your mortgage payment, shortens the term of your loan or helps you build equity more quickly. When used carefully, it can also be a valuable tool in getting your debt under control. A refinance will replace your existing first mortgage. Many lenders offer second mortgages or home equity loans that generally complement a first mortgage. It is recommended that at all times an attorney to review any transaction that may result in a lien being placed on your home. 


Our firm has helped both landlords and tenants throughout Bergen County and Northern New Jersey in establishing relationships and all related litigation concerns. We provide landlords and tenants of residential properties and commercial properties with legal services such as skilled negotiation, careful drafting, and thorough review of all lease documents; The updating of lease documents; Litigation for reasons such as the non-payment of rent, breach of lease requirements, damage to property, nuisance issues, claims of inhabitability, security deposit violations, and more. In addition, we help landlords in complying with the very technical legal requirements of New Jersey's Dispossession and Security Deposit Laws. 


Our firm understands the intricacies of all types of leases, including ground leases, retail, residential and office leases. We focus our practice on the needs of businesses, business owners, and the real estate investors. Our goal is always to provide extraordinary client service combined with a commitment to implement cost effective solutions to our clients' legal challenges. We also represent landlords or tenants in litigation arising out of a real estate lease, handling all matters involved in eviction proceedings, as well as collection efforts. 

Commercial Litigation

Planning and being prepared for litigation are essential. We handle commercial litigation related to Residential Real Estate; Commercial Real Estate; Landlord-Tenant Law; Condominium Law; Corporate and Business Law; Contract disputes; Homeowners-contractor disputes; Real estate brokers' claims; and Collections.

NJ's Construction Law

For a construction contractor working on a commercial property, getting paid for the work can be difficult under many circumstances. The New Jersey Construction Lien Law protects the right of a construction contractor to file a claim for a private lien, which is usually filed for work performed on commercial property, known as a Construction Lien Claim. This lien is an encumbrance on the ownership of property based upon the value of work performed or materials provided on a project. The lien prevents the sale or financing of loans on a property. We also work with owners or general contractors when a sub-contraction files a construction lien claim. Business owners or contractors faced with a legal dispute or non-payment for work performed on a property can contact our firm to protect their lien rights by properly filing a lien or through the process of litigation.

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